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T: 01926 679272   |   E: compliance@redmaterials.co.uk

Specialising in the restoration,
treatment and disposal of earthwork soils

Red Materials

Waste Solutions

Red offer effective removal and disposal solutions for all site waste streams.

As an approved waste carrier, Red are licensed to handle contaminated, non-hazardous and inert soils including asbestos impacted, coal tar contaminated, hydrocarbons and eco-toxic pollutants.

Our established working relationships with major UK landfill operators, in conjunction with our own fixed facilities, enables us to offer an independent disposal or treatment solution.

As an operator of our own plant and haulage we can facilitate:

  • Recovery of inert restoration soils for beneficial reuse.
  • Committing minimal volume of contaminated waste to void space.
  • Controlled segregation processes, which create a range of recycled aggregates for supply back to the construction market.
  • Minimising waste to landfill, so reducing Landfill Tax.
  • Reprocessing large volumes of demolition and site clearance at a range of material recovery sites across England and Wales.
  • Washing and treatment of waste in any location, using our mobile plant license and water treatment equipment, along with mobile crushers and screeners, fully operated by Red
  • Japanese knotweed eradication by on site treatment or dig and dump solutions.


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