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Specialising in the restoration,
treatment and disposal of earthwork soils

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Waste Contracting

Red provide a range of specialist contracting solutions for remediation strategies. Our experienced team prepare brownfield sites for ongoing redevelopment, aiming to achieve minimal off-site disposal, ensuring an environmentally sound solution.

Red has continued awareness of changes to Government legislation, advising clients of new directives to ensure the most practical and cost effective solutions are achieved. Our remediation and earthworks operations are undertaken using both in-house resources and the support of our specialist subcontractor supply chain in accordance with the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 and the CL:AIRE Code of Practice.

  • Bulk earthworks including management of asbestos impacted soils.
  • Ground improvement using such methods as lime or cement stabilisation, impact technologies and stabilised soil columns.
  • Contaminated soils treatment for example ex-situ bioremediation or physical and chemical techniques.
  • Groundwater treatment and free product recovery.
  • Sub-structure removal.
  • Demolition and Asbestos removal.
  • Crushing and screening of all waste types.
  • Piling blanket construction.
  • Site clearance and decommissioning.
  • Treatment and disposal of invasive weeds.
  • Verification and reporting.

Waste Contracting

Waste Contracting

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