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E: compliance@redmaterials.co.uk

T: 01926 679272   |   E: compliance@redmaterials.co.uk

Specialising in the restoration,
treatment and disposal of earthwork soils

Red Materials

Waste Assessment

Red provide fast, reliable site appraisals. Our experienced technical team assess chemical analysis and site investigation reports providing concise disposal guidance. We are experts in understanding site investigations and Waste Acceptance Criteria.

Red’s thorough understanding of waste Classifications and the relevance of site history allow us to provide in-depth interpretation of project information in order to produce design strategies for Demolition, Remediation, Earthworks and waste disposal.

Our support extends to site visits for sampling of contaminated soils. On-site classification of Hydrocarbon contamination is reported and validated by trained staff using the latest detection equipment. Material samples for Geochemical and Geotechnical Analysis are tested by our partnered approved and accredited Laboratory.

  • WM3 conversant.
  • Continued awareness of changes to Government legislation.
  • Uncomplicated, concise waste assessment.
  • Waste producer qualification.
  • On-site segregation.
  • Materials Management Plan.
  • Phased remediation supervision.
  • On-site treatment.
  • WAMIT AB cover/qualified.

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