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Specialising in the restoration,
treatment and disposal of earthwork soils

Runfold Entrance

Runfold Area C now open for business

Red Materials are very pleased to announce that the second phase of infilling and restoration works at Runfold, Surrey is now operational. Runfold Area C is open for the disposal of Non Hazardous subsoil and stone EWC 17 05 04 Please forward your enquiries to waste@redmaterials.co.uk or call the sales office on 01926 679272. Our… Read More


Red Materials in partnership with Chemtest

Red Materials have partnered with the UK’s premier environmental laboratory to process their soils testing. Red are well aware of the Industry’s need to provide reliable analytical results within short lead times. Chemtest Ltd’s laboratories deliver a high quality, professional service with a proven track record for providing accurate data on time. Red have worked… Read More

Red Materials Hartlebury Site

Hartlebury Landfill Site enhances Reds range of facilities in the Midlands.

Red materials latest disposal facility, in partnership with Biffa, is set to open in the Midlands in June. The new site opens on Monday 6th June and will be accepting Subsoil for Restoration. Hartlebury Landfill Site Hartlebury Trading Estate, Hartlebury, Worcestershire DY10 4JB For more information, please email your enquiries to waste@redmaterials.co.uk

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Coming April 1st: Changes to Hazardous Waste Consignment

As of April 1st this year, producers, holders, carriers and consignees of hazardous waste will have to follow new rules when registering their premises and classifying their waste on a consignment note.   The following new rules set out by the Environment Agency will apply as of April 1st 2016: REGISTRATION: If you produce or… Read More

Waste Operations in Wales

RED expands its waste operations in Wales

A new disposal facility accepting restoration soils is now available at BIFFA landfill site Trecatti, Merthyr Tydfil. This new remediation site complements our existing waste recovery facilities in Sheffield, Birmingham and Guildford.

Loss on ignition (LOI) testing regime

Loss on ignition (LOI) testing regime

The 12-month transitional period where the threshold for material content lost on ignition (LOI) is set at 15% comes to an end on 31st March 2016.  From 1st April 2016, the LOI threshold will be lowered to 10% and only qualifying fines with an LOI of 10% or less will be eligible for the lower… Read More

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